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There's still some potential...


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SE Ohio
Thought I would throw up this pic even though he is not a shooter. This is one of the best looking 2.5's I have seen on our farm in the five years we have been out there. Despite all the issues with the tresspassing, there was something good to come from it. I spent over an hour with the neighbor last night and before I left, he showed me some trail cam pics. There are four shooters running our farm right now. He only has pics of the one, a deer with a main-framed 10-point side with a left side that is pure junk. The other three are a big 8 (140ish), and big 9 that he saw yesterday at 9AM drinking from the pond, and a huge 10 that I believe is the Lucky 10 from last year. (Tucky can tell you all about that deer!) This guy knows big deer, so I trust his evaluation. Needless to say, I was glad to hear the good news after such a shitty couple of days...