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This one was a first...


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Central Ohio
I've got lots of cool things on camera the past two years. Yotes, coons, birds in flight, deer standing up, other hunters, etc. But this one was a first for me....

A ground hog climbing a tree???


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DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
HAHA that's awesome Sean!

3 or 4 years ago I had a ground hog that would be feeding in the beans almost everytime I would be walking to my stand he would run up the same tree. About the 4th time back, I packed an old Muzzy and stuck him to the tree! :)

Never had a clue they climbed trees until that year, had guys that wouldn't believe me when I told the story!


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The first groundhog I ever killed was napping on a tree branch. Shot it with a pellet gun. After being hit with the pellet, the groundhog almost fell from the tree but hung on by its front legs. It was swinging from the tree limb pissing everywhere. I had to hurry and and pump up the gun for the finishing shot. I was sure I was going to get caught by my grandpap. He just had a way of showing up whenever I was getting into something. Sorry for the de-rail....