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This Rain Sucks!


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Not sure how the weather has been in your neck of the woods, but it has been rain here for 4 days straight. My son has been bugging me to get back out after his lost 8 point. I just hate taking chances in the rain for tracking purposes.
If it's been raining where you are, do you wait it out or do say "fug it", and go?

Hopefully it clears out by this afternoon.


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Swanton, Ohio
We have had great weather the last few days! Itry and avoid bowhunting in the rain if possible. That being said if I am on a trip I hunt no matter what.


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Well it just stopped raining here and my son will be home from school in a few minutes. I think we are heading out unless it starts in the next hour. Worse comes to worse we just out of our stands and come back in. I'm a firm believer in no bow shots in a steady rain. I've seen too many blood trails wash away.


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North Central Ohio
Still pissing rain here. Been going since Saturday night. It's driving me nuts!!!!

It started raining here Saturday afternoon right as I got to the hunting property and I sat in my stand for 6 hrs. with no rain gear lol. It finally stopped raining early this morning so it should start getting better for you soon.


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SE Ohio
I'll take the shitty 50 degree weather over the 81 degree stuff coming this weekend. I'm golfing instead of hunting and as much as I do enjoy that, I still hate it...
badger said:
I'm a firm believer in no bow shots in a steady rain. I've seen too many blood trails wash away.
I agree with badger on this one! :smiley_bril: I don't practise in the rain, I don't go to 3D shoots in the rain, therefore I do NOT bowhunt in the rain. Immediately after a rain is the time to be out there, as all the critters are eager to get moving and dry off.

The only thing that I'll hunt in the rain is waterfowl. Foul weather for waterfowl is a known standard and it makes the birds fly low and slow...therefore making it easier to turn them into pedestrians. :D

Good hunting, Bowhunter57