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Thought I would share some of my trail cam pics

The second buck was the buck I was after and saw him once but i stepped out of the truck and he was within 20 feet of the property owners home chasing a doe in the last week of October and he disappeared after that until the end of Dec. I did have the third buck within 12 yards and was getting ready to shoot him but 2 dogs chased him off, you cant tell in this pic but he actually has a double main beam on the other side of his rack and that is the best pic that I have of him. In my second post I had the really wide 10 pt come in one evening chasing a doe but they never came closer than around 50 yds. As of 2 weeks ago I know that all of these bucks are still alive and most of them still carrying both sides besides the 3rd pic in the first post I have got no pics or seen him since the rut and then I only got a handful of pics of him.