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TOO Deer Contest Harvest Thread


Super Moderator
Super Mod
Hudson, OH
Please enter your qualifying kills here. As a reminder the scoring and picture guidelines are as follows...

Picture Guidelines:

With each deer, please post several pictures of your harvest. All submissions must include the following:

•1 picture of the hunter and the deer
•1 picture of each measurement (a total of 5 - both bases, longest main beam, longest tine and inside spread)
•1 picture must clearly show your tag

Scoring Guidelines:

•Does = 5 pts (spikes less than 3" are considered doe)
•Bucks = 10 pts
Tines = 1 pt per tine​
Age differentiator = Circumfrance of both bases + longest main beam + longest tine + inside spread (all measured to the nearest 1/4 of an inch)​

•Bonus potential - Participants earn a maximum of 5 pts per contestant with one of the following two methods:

Youth Bonus = 5 pts - taking a youth hunter (under 16) and photographing the hunt​
Trail Cam Bonus = 5 pts - harvesting a buck you have on camera​

Buck Score Example:

A hunter shoots a 9 pt buck. The measurements are as follows:

•Left base is 4.75"
•Right base is 5.00"
•Longest main beam is 21.00"
•Longest tine is 10.50"
•Inside spread is 19.25"

This buck is worth 79.5 points for the competition (10 pts for being a buck, 9 points for the 9 tines and 60.5 points for the 5 measurements).

As info, you guys do not need to worry about doing any math. Just post up the measurements with supporting pictures. I key them into my spreadsheet and the calculations are done for us.


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Linn County Iowa
Team 3, doe.
Stupid thing saw me the tree and decided to come check me out.
She was all jittery and jumped the string on my first shot, but ended up coming back for a second look about 10 minutes later. I held a little bit lower that time....