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TOO Event Calendar


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I was thinking maybe we should start an event calendar on the home page or a sticky thread with TOO events and related activities.

I'm starting to look at my summer schedule and things are starting to book up. A couple of weddings, graduation party, vacation.... Now I'm starting to wonder if I'll be able to make andy of the get togethers. Rather than having to search old threads, it would be great to be able to pull up a calendar and see UK's fishng day, the BuckeyCam bow shoot, etc all in one place.

BTW any other get-togethers in the plans?
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VB bulletin has a calendar but i disabled it.. The google spiders were spending time scanning the snot out of it instead of the threads.. They would get in that calender and never come out.. It's like a thread that goes until the end of time for them.. lol.. The good news is I know how to fix that now.. So I'll get the calender back up sometime soon. Until then i say just post the event dates here and I can move them later. :)