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TOO Weight Loss - Biggest Loser Edition


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Like a few of you out there, I'm looking to shed a few pounds in the next month! I am tippin the scales at more than I'd like to be and I am setting the goal of losing 15-20 pounds and keeping it off between now and the end of the semester.

I love to lift weights when I'm at school and that's not always the best way to lose weight, and I need to be more dedicated to running or biking afterwards. I'm also considering getting into the routine of swimming while I'm at school. My room is above the athletic facility so I literally have a really nice everything in just a minute's walk....

Anyone else looking to shed a few pounds? Let's keep this no homo, just encouraging each other. We don't need a damn competition or anything! And NO pictures lol
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I'm hoping to lose 20-30 pounds in the next three months. I'm weighing in at 230 or so and it's getting old. I plan on getting serious after this weekend since deer hunting will be done and I'll change focus to working on the house and losing weight. I picked up a gym membership for Tracie and I so that we could push each other once she changes to days at the end of the month. Hopefully with both of us going, we can reach a few goals...
when my wife got prego with my oldest daughter i was 180 pounds , i gained weight with her , and was over 300 at one point , when she had our daughter i was 298 , and stayed there for about 2 years , when i finally said thats enough , i baught a mountian bike rode 5 miles in the morning , 5 miles in the evening , and if i had to go anywhere with in 2 miles i walked , i cut out all pop , junk food like candy bars ice cream and stopped eating 3 hours before bed , with in 6 months i dropped 78 pounds , and i couldnt figure why i couldnt get down below 220 for the longest time , it was cause i was smoking , i always ate when i smoked , well when i stopped smoking i dropped another 10 pounds , i drank lots of water , cause ya cant burn calories if your taking in more then ya burn , i lived on gronola bars and water for snacks , didnt eat breakfast or lunch and ate supper around 6 pm , the key to loosing weight is to watch your calorie intake , if you burn more calories then you eat , then your body starts burning the fat clories , which burns that fat , i was eating about 2000 calories a day but burning around 3500 calories , it may be a pain in the butt , but count calories , excercise weather its walking , biking , or hiking , and change up your routine every week , our body gets used to burning the same amount of calories the same way , but when you switch it up it kinda shocks yer body and you will burn more then you take in


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I lost 30 lbs last year, mostly over the latter part of summer. I'm going on vacation at the end of February and would like to drop another 30 lbs (I'd actually like to lose more by then, but I think 30 is reasonable). I need to hit the gym in addition to continuing to watch what I eat.


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I should loose 15-20 pounds as well but I have to see when I can start that process. TOO many unknowns tossed up in the air right now to be able to make plans. Should be a little easier after I see what happens on Friday but most likely going to be about 2 weeks before I can get plans moving again.
Don't think with your body but use your mind.
The food we eat is the real enemy.
I still plan on loosing about 15#'s this year / @ 205 right now.
With the loss of weight the loss of strength is there but low weight and high reps will help maintain strength.

Don't just do a diet but make a lifestyle change.
You have to pick something that you can stick with. I have been doing the weight loss thing longer than most of you and you have the opportunity to make that change now while your young, or you will be doing this your whole life.
I've only lost 30#s but it was slow and have maintained my current level for over a year and a half.
The YoYo effect starts when you are young but as you age it will be harder to take off.

Few hints - NO fast food and NO processed food.
If you eat out alot watch what you order in resuraunts.


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What worked best for me was lifting weights. Light weight, high repititions.

White meat only and carb rotations. Consume 4-5 healthy meals a day to get your metabolism up. My carbs consisted of nothing but brown rice and sweet potatoes. I ended up cutting 20 pounds with a 7-8% BF. I felt like I just got out of a concentration camp when I stopped.

For those of you that have a hard time finding the endurance and motivation to lift or workout. Check this stuff out. It's probably the closest thing to cocaine. IMO the best pre workout spiker out there. And no I never done cocaine, my buddy use to work at GNC and said all the drug dealers came in and bought it up. They'd use it to mix in with their coke.



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That shit would make my heart explode! I don't fool with any of that stuff any more. I was part of the big creatine craze in the late 90's and I can't handle it. Makes my heart race and makes me mean. Almost like a good whiskey drunk!
What kind of creatine was it? I couldnt see regular monohydrate creatine doing that. I use to take NO-Xplode, nitric oxide with creatine, that shit gave me breathing problems and made my heart thump like no other after 3 or 4 cycles of it.


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Not sure what that Jacked stuff is. I've taken NoExplode a few times and didn't take enough of it but didn't like it that much. That stuff makes you go crazy and lift like hell and man you are beat and sore the next day! I generally just take a whey protein, GNC's gold stuff when I lift but if I'm going back to lose weight I will probably only cut that in half.


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If I were to lose 15 pounds I would have to ask one of you to cut off my leg below the knee.

Everybody says it will catch up to me, but at 35 I still throw down some serious food.

UK-regarding the pictures, I think Jesse already started in his other post! lol


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if i were to lose 15 pounds i would have to ask one of you to cut off my leg below the knee.

everybody says it will catch up to me, but at 35 i still throw down some serious food.

Uk-regarding the pictures, i think jesse already started in his other post! Lol


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I used whey protien, No Xplode, 1-AD, and ate like no tomorrow all the time. I got to 205 and was jacked as all get out. Bad part about 1-AD, No-Xplode, creatine, and all that jazz is, as son as you stop it goes away in half the ime it took you to put it on. there arent any gains that hang around. Maybe a littel bit but not much.

I used to do nothing but eat, sleep, and crap the gym. I wantto start lifting again, but not like that. I want to do 4 times a week. I will probably go back on No-Xplode with Whey Protien, some fish oil, and some flax seed oil. Ill be good to go. It wont take too long for me to cut back down and get to where I want to be.