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Trail camera security suggestion


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Figured this is the best place for this topic. I had one of my Trophy Cams stolen this summer. Talk about pissed. A buddy and I went in and bought some more. I had one remaining Trophy Cam and a Moultrie D-40. Not real worried about the Moultrie as it sucks batteries like an old whore. When my buddy bought his new property (Farm East as I call it), we each bought two Trophy Cams, security boxes, and python cables. I hung them and before taking them into the field I wrote on the top of the security box "This camera tracked by GPS." I don't know if it will keep anyone from stealing them or not, but it sure can't hurt. I realize they could still be stolen, but this warning could be enough to make a thief think twice. Just an idea. FWIW I simply used black indelible magic marker. The security camera boxes are called "Bear Proof" and are a tan color so the marker stood out pretty well.


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I thought about getting little tags made that said

"Property of the ODNR
Pictures Transmitted by Cellular
And camera tracked by GPS"

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
Phil, I don't think you have to worry. Anyone that would take enough equipment into the woods to break into a cable and box to get your camera would probably be motivated enough to just cut the tree down if it is a small to medium sized tree and just take it all. So at that point you are fighting a losing battle anyway as anything you put in the woods isn't going to be safe.

The sticker stating it is tracked by GPS might be a decent idea, especially with cameras like the BEC becoming much more popular on the market today, might make the jackass theives a little more weary about stealing cams!