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Trawl results!!


Junior Member
I saw this report and thought to share.

The ODNR Division of Wildlife’s 2018 August trawl survey found 112 walleye per hectare. This is the second highest value on record and far above the 20-year average of 27 walleye per hectare in Ohio waters of the western basin. This year’s hatch combined with the strong 2015 year-class will ensure an abundance of young walleye to complement the older and larger fish that make up the current Lake Erie walleye population, the DNR said in a news release Thursday, Sept. 13.
There is no provison in the current regulation in the Ohio Revised Code to allow for any bag limit increase. Limits must follow the the chart in the below link every year.

That is not to say that the regulation in the revised code could not be changed but I highly doubt that would happen.

The TAC for the Western portion of the lake went up by 20% in 2018 from 2017, from 5.924 million fish to 7.109 million fish. This harvest was allocated 3.634 to Ohio, 3.061 to Ontario and .414 to Michigan.