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Tree Sick

This afternoon around 3
I decided even with the 15 - 20 MPH winds with 30MPH gusts
I was going deer hunting

So around 4 I headed for the creek behind the house
As I figured deer would probely move better in the bottoms , where they are protected from the worst of the wind

My best stand for the wind direction was in a 12" White Oak
Problem is , it's top extends well above the hill top
Right into the wind

I toughted it out till just before 7 when I knew I had to get down and NOW

I just got down when it hit me

I sat my bow and pack down and steped onto the gravel bar and empted my lunch into the creek
I have never had it hit me like that

I know I need to loose a few lbs
But that is not the way :smiley_crocodile:

BTW I only saw 2 yearlings all evening
But other deer could have been in the CPR as it is thicker cover
And I would have never heard them with all the wind

Feeling better now
Might take something to calm my tummy before I head out in the AM
As I would preferr to not repeat the complete cookie pitching I did this evening



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One time I was real close to what you described. My situation was self induced though. We were bowhunting private land on Kelley's Island, and had closed down the bar the night before. There was a north wind coming across Erie that was making my blurred vision worse. I was able to stay in that moving tree stand for about an hour before I had enough. I never lost my cookies but probably would have felt better if I would have.


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Sissy! LOL

I was about 24 feet up in this poplar this weekend in the wind. In the sunrise picture you can see some similar trees out to my front. Talk about swaying in the breeze. :smiley_crazy:

Poplar2.JPGPoplar View2.jpg


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I have sat in some skinny trees before and got blown around(I see the harness) but that tree is small...

I LOVE being in trees like that... You get to ponder the "what Ifs" If this sucker goes over I can't jump. I'm strapped in.. Ohhhh That's bad. I'm gonna have to ride this mamajama to the ground. I will probably swing under the tree on the way down too and get squashed like a bug. Which way is it leaning? Maybe it'll get hung up.. If it snaps, it'll fall straight down for however high it snapped off. Jar to a halt, THEN fall over and get squashed... Crap here comes the wind again... Weeeeeeeeee. Ok seriously not fun... How the hell am i even going to stand of the platform. Better stand up some and get my sea legs..... Stand up and sit right back down... Dang, that was a bad idea. Put your back on the tree next time.. Ok little better.. fugg it im sitting back down... Lets just hope i don't notice it when a deer comes in long enough to shoot...


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Massillon, Ohio
hahahahaha I know the feeling. Last year I was in a tree I thought for sure was going to go down with me in it. It was creakin to beat the band the whole time I was in there. I eventually got down and moved to a larger tree that didnt sway as bad..