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Triple Creek Farms Ltd


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Triple Creek Farms Ltd
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My brother bought a 10 bird Pheasant hunt for my son for his combination birthday/Christmas present this year. We scheduled it up and hunted this past Sunday.

Arrived and it was like driving up to someone's house. Filled out paperwork in a nicely decorated room with multiple mounts and dozens of heads/sheds. Their daughter works at the Fin in Canton. They remembered my brother from his last time there with work buddies and treated us like friends/ family.

Went out and walked for the "tower hunt". It's a 75-100 yard power line on a hill with 5 shooting stations. They release the birds at the top and they fly down past everyone (if you miss) and then onto their woods.

Every few birds we rotated through the different stations. They did have a fire in a barrel in case anyone got cold. They had two dogs for retrieving. Then we went and hunted the birds that got past us.

Then we went in, they dressed the birds (breasted them out) and we are a snack. They were putting some birds out in the field for a more traditionally styled hunt with dogs. Then we walked out and the dogs pointed and we got a few more shots in.

Then we came back and my brother had made chili and they had additional food in crock pots ready to eat.

All in all it was a fun time and I'd do it again.