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Turkey harvest was way down!!!


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Staff member
Were the same amount of tags sold? Could be the economy and people not buying a tag just for the off chance they have a bird walk under their stand.

funny story. A. Couple years ago a buddy shot a spring turk in vinton county. When he went to check it in he told them he has a turk to check. They kind of looked at him crazy and said "a what". Hahah. Guess not many make it to the check station in vinton county.


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Dayton, Ohio
I usually have no problem getting one in the fall on my place. I shot mine this year at 830am over one of my food plots and when I walked out to pick her up and I heard my dad shoot about 1/2-3/4 mile away on the other end of the property. He took a hen as well.

Don't ask me where they go to in the spring. It's like they vanish.