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Turkey Season LIVE! - 2022 Edition

I clocked out from work early at 5 to go hunting . Said screw the meeting and left, jumped in the truck turned the key and click click click . Took my battery out and took it in the shop put it on the charger and finished out my shift. Limped it home and threw an alternator in it . Rain the rest of the weekend. Season may be over for me dunno if I'll be able to get back out after this weekend 👎. Good luck to those still at it !


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S.W. Ohio
I hunted yesterday in Richland county had an encounter with a flock with a couple of Toms but could never get a shot because they were clustered up and moved through quickly, I had no ethical shot where I would would have only hit/killed one. I hate being a ethical hunter.
How'd you and the guy you hunt do last weekend?

Sgt Fury

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Hes watched you...nothing to do with the decoys.


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I finished up nights and it started raining at daylight so I went to bed. I was laying there pouting for a while from lack of being able to sleep more than a couple hours and finally looked at my phone. 12 minutes later I was in a blind trying to figure out the best play. After a couple minutes I decided to slip on back to where our points all meet. I get there and hear him gobbling down in the hollow and decided to get to the clover plot. He must have had the same idea. He entered the plot as I was getting close to where I wanted to sit. We saw each other at the same time. He wins. He had gobbled at that cam for 41 minutes. He started moving one pic after I looked at phone.

brock ratcliff

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Current situation. My guide did not have more dry clothes handy since all of his gear is packed to go home this weekend.
So far, I’ve enjoyed turkey season more while driving my buggy within a couple hundred yards of a comfortable blind. This chasing birds in the rain, up and down wooded and soaking wet hills is no longer for me. 😁


I slept in to let the bad weather pass, regret that mistake as a flock was in the field where I planned to sit, im a asshole