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UGH...I hate bright nights.


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Sunbury, OH
Not much to say besides I never do worth a darn with a bright moon. You wouldn't need a flashlight tonight.



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Southeast Ohio
Deer movement has been kind of slow the past few days according to the camera. I do however hope the moon can guide us to our treestands in the morning. We hung a set this afternoon and I'm not real familiar with the woods where it's at. Should be interesting to say the least. Hopefully the birds didn't eat my crumb trail. :smiley_confused_sch
Deer were moving about 4 AM
As on the way to work
They were everywhere
Even 1 walking down the center line

I had to slow way down , to not hit them

Hope they move this evening
As I just got home from work



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Central Ohio
Yeah, didn't need to use the headlamp walking in this morning it was so bright.

Saw a total of 8 deer..... just too bad that was on my drive to the spot I decided to hunt this morning. Nothing in the woods, except squirrels. Note to self - Self, go squirrel hunting at this spot after you shoot a deer.