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Venison???? Hmmm...


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Norton, OH
Well, thought this was somewhat humorous... went to the parents tonight for dinner, my mom said she was doing a venison roast. A little background story here... my mom won't eat game, and she won't even cook it, but we have been getting on her a lot lately to cook more of it (my dad seldom cooks). So anyways, I go over, and look in the pot and it is a bunch of smaller looking pieces so I figured either she cut it up or it fell apart. Now, I butcher all of our deer, and there is some deer left from my little sister's last season. All nice and neatly packed in vacuum packaging. All labeled nice and clear: venison roast, date, hunter, etc. So, we are serving ourselves from the crockpot, smells good, and she is commenting about how she hopes it's roast because it was in a few different pieces. At first I blow it off, but then get to thinking about it... So I ask her a few questions about where in the freezer she got it, what was it labeled, etc... she says "No it wasn't labeled" and I ask her if it was in a zip-loc bag (as opposed to vaccuum packaging) and she says yes.....

Welp, there goes my goose jerky.... :smiley_crocodile: It's ok though, I still have another bag in there, plus it tasted really really good the way she made it. Just thought I would share. Probably funnier in person, but I think it's still humorous.