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Venison Roast


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Half Beef Broth/Half Chicken broth - the beef for it's richness, the chicken to help mellow it out. Rub roast down with cracked pepper and sea salt, thyme, garlic powder (or slit roast and stuff cloves in), onion powder - sear in olive oil on all sides. Remove roast, add chopped onion, celery, and carrots - saute. Remove and deglaze pan with liquid (either broth, brandy, or red wine) Add to broth in crock pot along with the roast. Add a few bay leaves and cook. About an hour before service add potatoes and more carrots, and onions if you wish. Remove roast and veg and strain liquid to make gravy if you desire.


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Norton, OH
Easiest ever...

Stuff garlic cloves into meat.
Dry-rub season to your liking.
Quickly sear in a hot pan.
In a crockpot, add one can beef broth and one beer of your choice. (preferably a darker beer)
Season to taste (usually just a little salt and pepper goes a long way)
Add roast and whatever veggies you prefer (I do taters, wedges of onions and carrots)
8hrs on low, and good to go.


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As stated above, the trusty Crock Pot is the only way to go for a deer roast. It's damn near impossible for it to turn out shitty if you do it that way. I usually use beef broth or throw in a few beef bouillon cubes with water... however, a can of Coca-Cola poured in there is a nice touch too. I cook goose in the crock pot with coke every now and then and it's pretty damn good. It must be the sugar or acid in the coke... whatever it is, it works.


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I like to add a packet or two of onion soup mix and will substitute cubed turnips for potatoes...Tough to screw up a roast in a slow cooker...


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Up Nort
I've got a roast in the slow cooker ready to turn on in the morning. I've never done one and the wife is actually open to trying it (she refuses to eat deer meat). I did Lipton Onion Soup Mix, carrots, red potatoes, onions and a half of a bottle of Sam Adams Winter Lager. I'll let you know how she likes it.:smiley_crazy:


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Something is wrong with my family. The grades are in.

Me - A+
Lori - C-
Chris (5) - C-
Michael (8) - F

My wife could just not get over the fact in was a deer. Other than that she didn't mind it. I thought it tasted exactly life beef. More for me then. Both boys love deer meat cooked on the stove top.