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Posted by a fellow veteran in his Facebook page



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Keene, OH
Are they classifying all those forced non-FDA approved Anthrax shots as toxic exposure yet. 🙄

I would say not in our life time does anthrax get added to the list. What a shame.

Went to my C&P yesterday, 3rd one for the claim I filed in FEB '23. Explained the effects of getting a bad reaction on the 6th Antrax dose (reaction was in my records), then on the 7th dose 15 months later with Yellow Fever and Typhoid in the SAME ARM, dominate right arm, same day, which I told the tech to split them ... he didn't.

10 weeks later I'm being medivac'd out of downrange with pericarditis and my neck/back right side to fingertips numb. Took 3 weeks at Landstuhl to get it under control and back downrange I went bent but not broken. They absolutely refused to put "adverse reaction to the antrhax vax" in my records until I got the Med Center IG involved. I am positive it's the cause of all my spinal/neurological woe's which continue to pyramid to this day.

Suggest all the vets that got the Antrhrax Vax (1,2,3...n) to take a look at the info below, contact a VSO and try and get some help for yourself/fam if it fits. Unless we push back on the DoD thru the VA for what they did, treating us to untested compounds it's just like it never happened.