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I think is full of statements designed to play to emotions and paint him as the victim. The reality is he testified against his commander in chief for something he thought was improper but his testimony of what was said did not match the official transcript of the call. The fact is Hunter was obviously only given that position on the board in the Ukraine because his dad was VP. Trump was not wring for asking the Ukranian to look in to it. Miitary brass is a political position like it or not. They must constantly adapt to the new president be it a republican or a democrat. Each will have their own ways of leading our armed forces. My personal opinion is the guys is a trump hater and wanted to do his part and it got bigger than him in a heartbeat as he was used by the democrats. He knew the risk, he took it, and it ended his career. Shocker. I've seen careers ended for far far less.
Thanks for verifying my thoughts on this.


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Get em Gunny!

"As long as I don't fuckin do drugs, fuck somebodies wife, or go punch a fuckin CO in the mouth I'm getting out as a Gunny and ain't nobody gonna stop me, so I aint got nothing to lose." :ROFLMAO:

Oh the # of times I’ve had those fucking one sided briefings 😂😂😂
Both received and given 😂😂😂
Wonder how the SJW’s will spin that one... Probably have too have them check their phones at the doors these days like the security briefings....