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Veterans of TOO.COM

Well the VA is making it so difficult that I may just drop it. The company they use to schedule a medical evaluation wants to send me to Pennsylvania, Maryland or Delaware. Told them I live in NJ and to find something closer. They said they can send me anywhere within 100 miles. No compassion at all. Then they sent it back to the VA for me refusing to take one of those locations. Now when I call the local VA, they say shit like…can’t talk now, my lunch is in five minutes…or I have a dentist appointment so you’ll have to call back…or it’s not my job to schedule you-and when I say I am aware of this and just need you to refer it to scheduling, they tell me they have someone waiting on them and I’ll have to call back. I’ve been trying for two months and I’m about ready to quit. Five phone calls the past two days and all were deflected…can’t get anyone to help.
wife works at sr. center and makes calls on their behalf she understands why vets don’t go /quit and sad thing is it’s gotten better when I got out didn’t even bother
@Sgt Fury // ALCON - this is a follow on to the Veterans Administration hearing aid discussion on another thread. SITREP does a good job across many subjects, as I said I'm getting ready to order a new pair thru the VA and found this discussion to be on point.

Got a new pair much better but right one quit working it’s such a pain in ass when I told them about old pair and replacing batteries constantly they said yeah there batches of bad batteries 🤦‍♂️🤬
Sounds like you got a Good C&P doc George. Tinnitus rates can be at 0% i.e. service connected, or 10% disability, no higher, but either rating includes state of the art hearing aids. No idea on what might be claimed on the other injury. One thing I've seen just this month via the VA is they are revising the VARD specifically for Evaluating tinnitus (ringing in the ears) as a symptom of the underlying disease which causes it, rather than as a stand-alone disability. Sometimes when a claim's submitted when a specific condition this is being changed it gets slowed down (Welcome to the VA!)

That’s what pisses my wife off my hearing is terrible , I mishear all the time , don’t hear entire conversation and va doesn’t think that that’s a big deal


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Josh, in the VA hearing 👂 calculator, tinnitus and hearing loss are rated separately.

There are two tests you must take. A controlled speech discrimination test (also called the Maryland CNC test) to evaluate speech recognition ability, and a pure tone audiometry test to evaluate your hearing loss level.

I was service connected for 0% in the speech discrimination test but it continually got worse. Went back about 2 years ago, at my wife's insistence, and retested, on speech discrimination test. 82% ability on words in Left ear and 78% ability on words left ear.

Because your brain deciphers sound based on 'current' hearing ability, the more loss and/or the more freqs are masked by the tinnitus, your brain can't decipher as well, 'speech discrimination'.

Oh by the way, once your brain 'looses' it's ability to discriminate speech, its gone. Told that by two different audiologists.

What's your score (per ear) on the speech discrimination hearing test? Not to get rated but it helps the VA hearing specialists figure out a better way forward to improve your life, by hearing what ppl are saying to you.

My $.02.
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Not sure but makes sense now it is on file just surprised how low they rate that when hearing affects everyday life and I’m always hearing ringing especially when it’s quiet I don’t hear our smoke alrarm 😂wife isn’t nearly as amused as I am


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So my neighbor who's a pilot has gotten in a little trouble. 🤣. I did some unauthorized shit but uhhhhh. 🤣