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Won’t be long before the ACLU tries to end that 🤦
Sikh’s and Orthodox Jews are some of the exemptions where beards and longer hair are allowed. My last deployment, we had an MRT come help us change a motor. The team NCOIC was a Tsgt who wore scarf and was wearing a beard. Trimmed but full beard. I didn’t realize who he was, thought he was a PAX going down country 😂
He was orthodox Jewish and had the exemption. He asked if I had any issues, I looked him in the eye, told I didn’t care if he was wearing a tutu as long as he had all the parts we needed too get on with the mission …. We were good after all his guys got off the ground after laughing…
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Everyone know Tun Tavern is a gay bar.

Don’t have to hate because you can’t catch fish