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[Video] 2011 Spring Turkeys Gone Wild...


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[Wife's Story; you might get a pretty good laugh out it,,, especially 4 minutes into the video when I get chased by one of the toms. rotflmao enjoy...]

My husband came in the house yelling for me to come outside, by the time that I got outside they were gone. I went back in and when I walked past the window I saw him surrounded by big black things. When I took a second look, they were wild turkeys. He had called them back into my front yard. He pulled out his phone and took some video, and even got chased by the toms!

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Can I come hunt at your place for turk season lmao.

Hey RedCloud,
How does next spring sound??? Thanks for checking out the video, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :smiley_clap: I never hunted Turkeys in my life even though I’ve seen many of them throughout the years. I need a Turkey hunting mentor, interested? Turkey hunting is one of my goals, just haven’t made it there yet. It would be rather nice to get hooked up with someone that can help me get started in the RIGHT direction. I’ve hunted all kinds of other game, just never Turkeys. I certainly would like too. I just haven’t had the time during the spring time. The fall time, I’m working the deer. It’s very difficult for me to get out this time of the year because of work reasons, weekends included. Next season, I will make it happen!!!
The gobblers are still in the area. I hear them almost daily and I usually see them on average once a week. This particular flock has double in size each year for the past three years. I really hope that trend continues. It appears to be the case so far. I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed along with a prayer just before I lay my head down every evening. We'll see what happens next spring???


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Central Ohio
That's pretty crazy right there! rotflmao Like you said, you probably could've led one right into the oven the way they kept following you around.


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Hudson, OH
Thats some funny stuff right there Wildlife! I have ran after turkeys chasing them and busting their flock up, but to be the chassed was funny to watch.