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Want to get an old boat back on the water...


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The story:
I purchased a boat off of a guy years ago for the motor.
The boat is in good shape and i wanted to get it back in the water.

The problem:
I never transferred the boat title into my name, and I've lost it.(i know, I know...)
I have tracked the guy down but he will not get back to me after months of trying to message him on facebook.

I've search the net and it seems my only option is to go the abandoned boat rout which seems i would have to sell the boat at auction..?

Is there any way to get the boat registered and titled?
I've heard something about registering it as a "home made" boat?

any help would be great fully appreciated!!


Junior Member
the boat is 16'
i've talked to the dmv and they told me my only options are to have the original owner sign the title over or have him sign a paper makeing me executive of the boat but he will not answer anything i send him and he is out of state now.

thanks for the quick responces.


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If there was a title at one point, shouldn't it be on file somewhere?... like with the DMV or ODNR Watercraft office? I would try to find a copy somewhere then see if he'll sign it over to you.

Or... If they don't have any records of it being titled, have a relative write up a Bill of Sale saying that you bought it off of him/her... then take your Bill of Sale to the DMV for a new title. If that doesn't work, I don't have a clue what else you can do.


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Welcome to the site BigKev....
sux about the lost title....
Maybe you could run an ad in the classifieds...stating that you are looking for the owner, blah blah blah...and that could be the proof you didn't steal it...maybe somebody at the dmv would have some common sense....