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Weapons for tree rats?


Senior Member
Cherokee, N.C.
What all have you used for hunting squirrels?

I've used:
* compound bow with Judo tipped arrows. (the most fun) :smiley_bril:
* Ruger .22 rimfire pistol and revolver.
* Dan Wesson .357 Mag. w/ shotshells.
* Remington 552 Speedmaster, Marlin .17HMR, Marlin 25MN, Marlin 883 and Savage Mark II.
* Original double barreled 12 gauge muzzleloader. Damascus steel with double spur hammers.
* Montgomery Wards 12 gauge (pump) shotgun. (the least fun) :smiley_depressive:

Good hunting, Bowhunter57


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I think I am going to start packing in a sling shot when I hunt the deer woods. Seems like it would be fun when the squirrels are moving but the deer aren't...


Senior Member
Remington 597 .22
Smith and Wesson 22a .22
Springfield tube repeater .22
Remington 870 (#6 or whatever I have in my pockets)

soon to come, a 20 single, but I really like shooting them with the .22. I'd also love to get a muzzleloading shotgun


Senior Member
Anything but thunderbolts. Winchesters are ok.

I've shot 100 of Remington's better ammo, the high velocity stuff, I think Viper. And for target plinking we have been buying the bricks of Federal, they work well. I've got 50 or so of the Federal heavy rounds but I'm not satisfied with their destruction lol. When I shoot a groundhog 3 times at 25 yards in the head it shouldn't make its hole. I've got a couple of federal hollow points I will have to try those next


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North Carolina
I still say the pellet gun is the funnest to get the tree rats with, used to go with a crossman 1400 .22 cal pellet. Knocked the snot out of the buggers with it. Now I've got a sheridan and am thinking of blowing the cobwebs off of it to give it a try. Open sights haven't done that in years lol


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NE Ohio
Lets see.

Crossman air rifle
22 rifle
22 pistol
50 cal flintlock- "barking"
sling shot


Junior Member
early season: Beretta 20 gauge
after leaf drop: Savage .17 hmr

I have an 870 20 gauge too. I may have shot a squirrel or two with it before I got my Beretta. Now my 870 just gets used for deer, turkey, or sometimes rabbits if I am beating through lots of thickets.