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Welcome Bluedog


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NE Ohio
I see Bluedog has found her way over!

Welcome to the site Bluedog.

Its nice to see another person from Ashtabula here

Looking foward to some bunny hunts this year I bet ;)


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Bluedog! I'm so happy to see that you made it over! I keep enjoying your blog posts, and I hope that soon I don't have to go over there to read them, I can just read 'em here! I think you'll enjoy TOO.


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Doggie! Welcome o' prolific blogger - I love yer stuff. Sometimes at work if I'm frazzled I'll jump on and read a part or all of one of your entries and it was like taking a short trip to the woods. If they wuz a magazine, I'd take it to the can (consider that a compliment:smile:)


The Happy Hunting Grounds Beyond
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Ashtabula, Ohio
Hey Welcome Blue Dog, as my Big Brother said, nice to see someone else from Ashtabula County on here. I am from Kingsville. Look forward to your Turkey Hunting stories as always.

I know your a Vet, I may need to bring Shorty out to vist you. I have a black Lab named Roto and Shorty is a Blue Healer, what a pain he is but loyal as the day is long. He yaps everytime I start the ATV up, lawn mower....ect. He try and heards my lab when I take them on ATV walks. They walk I ride the ATV, lol. Shorty's tail is chopped and he tends to rub his rear on the pavement alot, someone told me they develop a fluid sack????? Don't know just the messanger, lol.

If you get a chance please PM me where your office is.

Well this was a heck of a welcome post, lol. Enjoy.;)
Thanks so much for the welcome all! I need another forum to read like I need a hole in my head. But truth is that I miss some of you. *sniff* :smiley_crocodile: Ok enough of that cra....., uh crud. See I read the rules about trying to keep it clean for the kiddos. Just funnin'.

Looks like a real nice place you have here. :cool: