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Welcome Mike!!

Swanton, Ohio
November 3rd. Which works out good because the rut starts on Oct. 31. The buck deers will be worn out from chasing by the 3rd and you can just walk around to where they nest and pick out which sleeping buck you want to kill. I always carry some small rocks to throw at them to gently wake them up for a standing broadside shot.
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Sylvania, Ohio
This is the best information I have ever taken from a post on any forum. Thanks so much for your wealth of knowledge!!! I am going to put it to work this season.


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Sorry Ray thought you were waiting for mike to introduce himself. I hunt public mostly, this year i have been given the oppertunity to hunt some private grounds.

I would recommend anybody who has a chance, to come up and fish the warreye run with us. NEVER a dull moment


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Wood Co.
Thanks guys. I've got three private spots to hunt. The spot in BG is small and pressured. I also have permission to hunt land next to Nasa, but it's not worth it because I have to go with the person who hands out the slips and he doesn't scout much, plus it's far. The third spot is in West Unity and I have to hunt it very discreetly because the wife of the owner doesn't like hunters, but he doesn't like deer eating up everything in the yard. I have a bunch of public spots too. I've learned a ton in the last two seasons and I know that it's only a matter of time. I've had many close encounters, but the shots weren't there and there is no way I'm taking a poor shot. Hunting is a whole new world for me. I've fished my entire life and now hunting gives me the pleasure and excitment I once had as a boy. I love the forum and plan on learning from it. Thanks!