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Welcome Struttin

Thanks Red Cloud !

Just wanted to introduce myself. I happened to find this site and saw some familiar usernames from another forum I had frequented.

I am an Ohio native, born and raised. I love to turkey hunt in our great state. I build my own custom slate, box, scratch box and mouth diaphragm turkey calls.There's no greater joy than foolin' a big ol' tom with something my hands have created.

I love to archery hunt for deer as well. The fall woods will find me in it several days a week 20 foot up a tree looking for a nice mature buck but I'll feed my family with a nice plump doe as well.

I am very blessed to enjoy God's creation in this beautiful state. God has tremendously blessed me with a bountiful harvest this year. I started out this past year taking 2 mature longbeards in the spring and followed up this fall by taking 2 nice does and an 8 point to complete my deer season.

I am employed by and help run our family business. We are a wholesale truck parts and accessories store. We provide dealers, insurance companies, fleet managers and recyclers and dabble a little in retail with new take off beds, bumpers, tailgates, wheels, tires, cabs, doors, and the like nationwide. It pays the bills and keeps me busy. An added benefit is I get to see the country running up and down the highways and byways running parts all over this great land!

I hope to gain information and insight on this forum. (We can all learn something - right?) I hope to contribute some of what I can share as well.
I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks and Good Huntin'!

Tim (Struttin)


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North Central Ohio
Thanks for the great introduction Tim. We are glad you found your way over to TOO.

I vaguely remember that site you mentioned :smiley_chinrub: lol. I'm sure you will like TOO much better then that boring old run down site.

Sounds like you had a great hunting season this year and we would like to see some pics and read the stories that go with them if you get the time from your busy work schedule.


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Welcome to the site!

We accept stories and pictures of previous hunts and I think that the turkey section should be heatin up soon!

(Also, on the business end of things, get over to the Deals and Steals thread and post one about your business...we love trucks...AND find a thread that Hicks had (which he probably resolved, but still) about truck beds...)



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Welcome to TOO Tim! Yep, as Capt Ernie said, I am searching. Still need a bumper for a 2003 Chevy 2500HD new or used. Cheap as possible, selling the truck.