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Well so much for that good ideal.


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Shermans Dale, PA
My business trip to San Diego is still on, but the trip to Ohio is off. I couldn't get our travel department to arrange my ticket to fly from Japan to San Deigo, SAN to Columbus, and CMH to Japan. In Naples as long as the fare was the same they would book the ticket, but here they won't (damn by the book Japs).

I'm strapped for cash right now and can't afford a $500 ticket from SAN to CMH. Since they are making me fly home from SAN I'd have to get there a day early in order to catch my flight back to Japan. This would leave me with two days to hunt. Sorry, but for the money and the jet lag hassle it's not worth it.

Life sucks sometimes and then you die. :smiley_confused_sch


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NW Ohio
The thought was there. Reality sucks sometimes. In a few years though, you can come fill up our corn troughs and set people up to kill our homegrown deer as a guide in your retirement. Drop them off, drive away with a smoke in your mouth and come back to pick them and their 200" deer up. It will be so easy killing them from your porch every other day. Life will be grand in your retirement!