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Western hunts 2020


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Shermans Dale, PA
Anyone headed West this fall?

Im headed to ID to hunt with my friends. We are hunting the 19th to 26th. This is the 4th time Ive been to this area with them. We typically get into elk every day. 2 of the 3 previous trips one of them got an elk.

This trip almost didnt happen though. ID sold out of NR elk and deer tags in June. Historically this doesnt normally happen until late August or September. I thought I was screwed but then I found out that their disabled veteran tags and licenses are not part of the quota. Woohoo!!!

I am really looking forward to being in elk country and hunting with close friends. I still have a lot of elk meat left from last years CO bull so I really dont need the meat. This trip is going to be more about the experience than anything.


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Last year I missed my first trip to Illinois since 2002 due to some serious health issues that had me in the hospital for 2 stays... Just had a cystoscopy done along with some biopsies ( which came back clean )... Doctor said everything looked great, see you around Nov. 1st for another cystoscopy.... I said I don't think so, not missing 2 years... He said ok we'll do it in Dec... Archery and firearm tags have been applied for....


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The East side of my house works better than West side. The South end should work best after I stump grid and install a new food plot. Good luck going West Chuck...I’ll hope to join you one day. I applied for my PA elk tag.