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What is the value of a gun like this?

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
Alright guys, I have a question that I hope someone can help me with.

A quick background, my cousin lives next door and her boyfriend and three boys moved in a few months ago. A real good guy and good kids. Last week one of his boys was in an ATV accident and suffered severe head trauma. Long story short, he showed no signs of recovery and they ended up taking him off the ventilator early this week.

The dad hasn't had the best of times and was unable to take out an insurance policy on the boy. Like I said, he hasn't been my neighbor for long so I don't know all the details of the past, but I do know that he had twin boys and lost one this past week, and I feel obligated to help out in anyway he can.

Anyways.. he came to me tonight and showed me this gun. This is what I could make as far as the details written on the gun.

Remington & Lions, Ilion New York, USA Patented Sept. 14 1858

Some of the spelling or words may not be exact but that is the best I could do.

He is wanting to get rid of this gun to help pay for his boys funeral. He called a gun dealer in Houston, TX which he was referred to by a friend, and the guy offered him $2000 over the phone. He figured with that money offered without seeing the gun he should check around before making the deal.

Hoping you guys could offer some insight on this piece or possibly someone who could give us an estimate on what it may be worth.

I'm not sure of the caliber, but it is a muzzleloading revolver.

Any input is appreciated!



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I don't know about the gun. Bun man i hate to hear that... My how life can change in the blink of an eye.. sad.


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North Carolina
Sam would.be the one to talk to.... he has a wealth of knowledge and resources to put a value to a gun....


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Mahoning Co.
if it is a .44 it's what is know as an 1858 Remington revolver but the real model designation is a "New Model Army". If it is a .36 it is a "New Model Navy"
FWIW Blue Book puts the retail value of the Army at $2000 if it is 60%, $4000 if 80%. About 10% less for a Navy. I can't tell from the photo the condition. $2000 sight unseen wasn't an unreasonable offer.

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
I appreciate it guys. Sam for a gun if this age I was surprised at the condition. My cousin has the gun I will try to get a few more pictures.

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NW Ohio
FredT might chime in as well. Maybe between Sam and Fred, they would know someone interested if he doesn't want to deal over the phone or computer through the Texas dealer. Sorry to hear about this. I could not imagine going through this as a parent.