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What release do you use?


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Sunbury, OH
Just strictly out of curiosity :smiley_chinrub:. What release if any do you use? Do you want a different one and why? Do you carry a back up?

I'll go first. I have my main release which is a Scott Itty Bitty Goose. I love it. For a back up I have a TRU Ball Pro Diamond and a leather finger tab.



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Stan Shootoff Quattro

Love the release, wouldn't use another.

Roger that. You don't know the meaning of smooth and crips in regards to a release until you've shot a Stan...

100% agree. Thanks to Jesse and Greg for the advice, I'm shooting a Stan this season, too. Hands down, it's the best release I've ever used/tried. My accuracy and consistency have increased ten-fold since getting my new setup. I'm sure the bow and accessories have a lot to do with that, but the Shootoff quattro has probably helped the most IMO. That being said, I will still carry my Scott wrist-strap release in my pack in case I lose the Stan... boy would that be fuggin' unfortunate!
I have a Stan MicroIII Smoothie back tension for target . Then for hunting I have a Stan Shootoff and Tru-ball Pro Diamond EXTREME. For back I have a SCOTT LIL goose release for a loaner and for teaching people how to shoot. I have this fear of putting a strapless hand held release in a new shooters hands and watching it smack into the riser of one of my bows. I should have shot more releases before buying the Tru-Ball PDE because I basicaly wasted a 100 bucks on a something I never used very long.
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Coshocton, OH
i have tried a few different ones.... hate the thumb releases... scared of back tensions... and tried the high end wrist straps.... but for me, nothing compares to my cheapie truball $25.00 stinger or sting ray... whatever its called.. i guess i am just to used to it and wont try anything different which is surprising considering how fast i go through bows..


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Shermans Dale, PA