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What to do


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Athens County
Here's the scenario:

Checked one of my cams today and have a buck Ive never seen before that's worthy of my arrow.

I set my buddy up last week in hopes of him slaying a doe off this property that I hunt and he got busted by this buck in the process.

I have two stands already set up, the one is about 30 yards away from where I'm running my cam/corn. This stand is the one the buck busted him out of. My buddy did say it appeared he was going to come in on a string until he figured out something was up.

There is an obvious staging area about 150 yards away.

I figure I have about 3 options but am finding negatives in each one.

First: Hunt that stand every evening and wait for him to come all the way in.

Prob with this is that he is already educated on the location.

Second: Drop another stand closer to the staging area.

Prob with this is that trees with enough diameter to hang a stand in are very hard to come by in this area, and double trunk trees seem to be obsolete. I could get my stand set up somewhere but have absolutely no cover and not be able to go very high.

Third: Get the ground blind set up

Prob is there is not alot of cover to do a good brush job because the woods is fairly open and time is limited for them to get use to it.

I guess there is a fourth option:

Go guerilla style and sit in the drainage.

Prob with doing that is the amount of deer that would be passing by before he does. I'm not sure I could go undetected.

Well lets hear what you guys got.


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Gods Country
You said you have 2 stands setup but you only talk of the one he is aware of. Where is the other stand and is there a chance that he could be cruising by there?

The thing I like about the first option is you have the element of surprise working for you if you can get in there undetected.


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NW Ohio
Is the property setup so you can do some long distance scouting with binoculars or spotting scope? Maybe dialing in his routine before making a move is your best bet right now and go in with a plan to kill him. I don't think hunting the crap out of that stand is a very good plan either. Maybe let it cool down, zero in on his patterns and then make your move. Still have 2 months to put him on the ground.


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I say move back the direction he is coming from about 60 yards and off to the side some.. Catch him sneaking in while his attention is focused on checking that stand.


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Care to elaborate????
I do not like blinds! I do not like blinds at all!!!! If a person is gonig to set a blind, then they need to have it set a month or more in advance. This theory is for regular season deer. Now that they are on their toes due to the brigade of slugs and human intrusion they have witnessed they are not gongi to tolerate much at all. I dont know the age of this buck in question, but I gurantee you place a blind in the middle of the woods, all hell is gonig to break loose! I Dont care how well you brush it in. The only way I personally would put a blind up is if there was a large pine tree with saggy limbs. One that you oculd cut a hole out of and place the blind inside, then replace the limbs to where they were origionally, conceling the blind completely.
I saw this on a episode of Midwest whitetail, Bill Winke did it and I thoguht it was a good idea.

At my buddies farm by the food plot we put a blind in two years ago. It is completely brushed in. Almost impossible to see. No one has ever shot a deer out of it, not has anyone ever been busted in it. Yet occasionally one of the big does will walk out and stomp and stare at it, for no reason. Again, its been there for 2 years. People can do what they want, but stomping in there and putting a blind up that has been stored inside all year or in your truck for a few hours, is gonna have scent on it. SO between having scent on it and being something foreign and new, the deer are gonna go nuts!!!!!!


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I do not like blinds!
I do not like blinds at all!
I do not like them short...
I do not like them tall!
Even set up in advance,
in them you don't have a chance!
Put it in the middle of the woods,
I guarantee it'll be no good!
Well, maybe a pine with saggy limbs,
brush it good and climb on in...
but I think success you will not find,
can you tell I hate a blind?

(kaiser I just couldn't help myself....no, it's not you...it's me....)


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Athens County
Ouch! That was a rough night. Fuggin shots were a horrible idea as usual. Im not sure how the hell i used to do that in my younger days and still function.

Needless to say i kept my stinky ass out of the woods today.

The plan is to move the non factor stand closer to where hes coming from, just need to find a tree which never seems to b easy in this woods.

Like you guys are saying, hopefully all his attention is focused on the other stand and he doesnt bust me in the new spot.

Good info as usual. Will keep you all posted.



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Gotta strongly disagree with you kaiser. I have put up blinds day of and seen BBC bucks out of it. Different deer populations do different things. A place where my buddy hunts in cadiz, all the deer bust them in treestands, in setups that work anywhere else. Just because they don't work for you does not mean they won't work for him.

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Now Posts as Jesse..
SE Ohio
Moral of the story is, anything can work in any given location at any given time. That's what's great about bowhunting. All you can do is formulate a solid gameplan, then execute through persistence and seat time. Right place, right time, right deer, right conditions right?!?