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What up?


Dignitary Member
Shermans Dale, PA
My internet message board surfing hasn't been what it used to be. I'm not sure what the deal is. Maybe it's work, maybe it's school and work, or maybe it's something else.

So, just curious, but what's been up?

I was going to retire next summer, but it's looking like I'm going to the one duty station in that just happens to be in a location that I'd be willing to stay in for; Mechanicsburg, PA.

It's not for sure yet, but it's about 98% gonna happen.


Senior Member
Supporting Member
Central Ohio
Good to hear TF. Hope everything is going well. Things have been pretty busy around here, everybody's checking cams, scouting fields, handing stands, shooting, and getting everything ready for bow season.


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NW Ohio
Nice of you to show up. Glad to hear things are nearing the home stretch. PA wouldn't be too bad to finish up. Pretty close to home as compared to Japan!