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What was your favorite hunt??


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Massillon, Ohio
What was your most exciting hunt?

Last year I went out to one of dales farm with him. Dale has taught me a lot obout bow set up and shooting so I was pretty excited to learn some hunting stuff from him. I think of him as a big brother and its always a good time to be around him. I haven’t been hunting with someone who has had yrs of experience on their belt, so I knew I was going to learn alot. My dad has been hunting since I can remember, but he was pretty much self taught as well and passed on to me as much as he could.

We get there and and get all geared up and walk to the stands, and I had that feeling the whole way in that this is going to be a good time. I see this old gnarly tree that he has a set hung in and thought, “man, this is a cool set up”.

He goes up first and gets his gear up, then it is my turn. I get up in the tree and turn to put my bag under my seat and he says “Don’t move!!”. I’m thinking “holy shit, I just got up here”. “There are two does right behind you”. I’m not even thinking about turning around to see them. I’m just looking down trying not to move as much as possible. So I see this rage two blade about a foot from my face, Whack!! He shoots one of the doe. Hes all pumped up cause he shot a doe and I’m like holy crap dude that was intense and your arrow was 1ft from my face. Hahahahahaha. It was pretty funny. How in the world we did not spook these does out of there when we where climbing up was beyond me.

So she runs off and we let her lay until we we’re done. So dale’s getting the antlers out rattling, grunting, scraping the tree, etc. He is facing the other way from me cause he told me to watch this hill that is front of me, which is where the deer tend to come from. Next thing I know “buck, buck” my face had to priceless..”There is two of them, get ready cause here they come”. Well, one of them went into a thicket and the other walked right by us. I didn’t want to take it cause it was only a 2yr old. He wasn’t tiny but I wanted to let him grow. He just moseyed right on by us, like we weren’t even there.

This was the first time I have ever experienced any kind of rut activity. Dale would grunt and rattle and the buck passed on would come right back and check the place out and go back to this bed. This went on fro about an hour, then he comes back again, and starts walking towards this thicket. Then all hell breaks loose, he’s chasing that other buck around, chasing this doe up the hill, down the hill, wrestle with each other, making all kinds of noise..It was a pretty cool experience. To hear these bucks running this doe and fighting with each was awesome. I am just sitting there with a smile on my face listening to all this happen, hoping that a big boy would come see what all the commotion was about and give me a shot. They eventually just walked off and went about their separate ways but man, what an awesome time. Being on the observation deck and watching the chase was a pretty cool thing to see.

I definitely won’t forget that hunt. I didn’t shoot anything that night, but to hang out with a good friend and see some serious deer activity was more than what I could have asked for.
this one one of mine . i wrote this a couple years ago . my greatest hunting memories all seem to have my kids in them

billum was over at my house this evening ,billum is my 4 year old grandson , i wanted to go hunting and told kathie , and billum wanted to go .

, i said , well what the heck . go get dressed kid , he told grandma and they dug one of my thin jackets out of the closet
that is about 25 years old , and one of my hats ,, so off we went to do a little still hunting on the side of the hill
were my course starts . we slowly worked our way up to the top , me telling him all the lil things a young man
should know about stalking the mighty whitetail deer . we would stop here and there for a bit to go to school
on different things.

we worked our way to the top , and got up behind the dreaded arrow eating bear target all the way up to the fence ,
i said we will set here for awhile . i was explaining the wind to him when i noticed a doe starting to feed on the grass in the pasture field.

i told billum to set tight and not move or make a sound , i already told him that deer could hear , see , and smell better than
superman . well go figer she wouldnt co operate . so i told billum , here is the plan ,
i will help you under the fence , and you crawl up the hill about half way . keep looking back and poppy will tell you where to stop.
i told him the doe would be curious and come look at him, when she came down wind to smell him she would be
about 10 to 15 yards from me and i would shoot her .

he thought that would be great . so here he goes crawling up the hill with the grunt tube hanging out of his mouth .
grunting twice about every 5 or so yards he would crawl , and looking back at me for hand signals ,
when he got to were he should be i motioned for him to stop . he did , i acted like i blew the tube , so he did .
i motioned for him to lay down , and he did . she had her head up coming his way . it was working like a charm .

but that stupid deer went straight up wind from him , not down wind like a smart deer would do . she was about 40 yards from me ,
and only about 10 from billum . he was just grinnin his butt off and making hand motions to me like he was shooting a bow ,
trying to get me to shoot . i just wasnt taking a shot that long on a deer, and she was much to close to him at that time . . soon after about 10 minets she decided she had enough intertainment for the evening ,
and bounded off back where she came from . i motioned for him to come back . man was he excited . the first thing he said was ,,
poppy! why didint you shoot her . i explained why , and he seemd to be happy with that .

if that doe would have done what any other normal deer would have done . like come in down wind.
i think me and billum would have put an arrow in her .

next time i might use my lil blond haired scout for bait .
it was a great hunt


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Great stories so far.

Really hard to pick a favorite for me, there's been so many that were awesome.

This will take some thinking, but I'll get back to this thread. Keep them coming guys.


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Both great stories - excellent stuff.
And I bet it would be fun to hear Billum tell that story from his perspective...


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Good reads so far fellas...

Mine has to be the morning Tracie shot her first buck/bow kill. It was my little sister's birthday and we were set up in a buddy stand on an oak flat between two bedding areas. There was a hard frost that morning and just as the sun was filtering through the trees (facing east), this spike came out of the bedding area and stopped perfectly in her best shooting lane at a comfortable 30 yards. He still had frost on his back and steam was just rolling out of his nose as he sniffed the air. Tracie promptly deflated his lungs with a 100 grain Spitefire from a Barnett Revolution crossbow. It would have made outstanding footage, but I never turned the camera on. I was so focused on the whole situation, I never thought about it until later. I've had some outstanding days afield in my life, but that one is one of my favorites...