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what would you get???

Tree Monkey

NW ohio
What would you guys get? A bipod that attaches to your gun or a set of shooting sticks/tri pod system like a BOG gear steady rest? ....by the way I would be using a. 243 for coyotes and ground hogs. The bipod is sturdy and it isn't something I have to carry but the BOG system could be used for other guns down the road that I may purchase and could make it hands free when using calls and binos.....whatcha think? ??


Git Off My Lawn
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North Carolina
I'm liking theglooks of the attachable bipod been looking at them and made up my mind on the type (pivoting) just can't decide on the Caldwell or the Harris... I also am mounting it on a. 243....


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Sunbury, OH
I prefer the bipod for anything but still hunting. While yoting I am either laying prone, sitting "Indian" style, or leaning against a tree base and a shooting stick style isn't real handy. Especially while trying to operate calls. Since we all love pics...



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I have a bipod on my coyote rifle. It is okay, but only if you are laying prone. I think I would like one with about 20-30" legs for my 243 if I were to get one. The one on my black rifle is also a bit noisy. Just not a fan I guess. I am thinking about yanking it off of there and just getting something like the BOgpod for whatever gun I take. Open fields with corn stubble or rolling terrain just isn't real suitable for a bipod that is 12-18" or whatever the one I have measures.


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NW Ohio Tundra
I have both types of systems, and each one has it's advantages....with that said either one will work. The bipod system can be mounted to your gun, and can be easily changed out to fit another gun as long as it has the forearm studs. Shooting sticks are light, easy to carry, and if you get the right one easily adjustible. If you are going to be set up and know where your shot is coming from then the bipod mounted to the gun is a good option.....If you are out walking and suddenly a shot presents itself, then a shooting stick is the best option because they can be quickly adjusted to fit the height you need.

I personally prefer the shooting sticks for coyote and muzzleloader hunting for deer.