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What's For Dinner?




Man this is great together!! 🥴😂


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Nw oh
appetizer. Kumamoto oysters fresh from Washingtons Pacific coast. not a bivalve I'd rather eat anywhere in the oceans of this world.

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livin' large. dinner coming soon...
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Those are very very good. The ones ive shucked were small. They are sweeter and look amazingly clean. Neat looking shell too. Ill still suck down any fresh oyster though.


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Ross County, Ohio
I normally don't put out much on this thread, but this one I have to share because it's a meal that I just don't expect to have these days. My wife has many different food allergies, and our meals together typically meet whatever she can eat without making her sick. Pork is one those things that she can't eat, and she love's it. In fact, the only kind of pork that she was able to eat and not get sick, was the wild boars/hogs that I killed and brought home in the past. If you've never had it, well, you're missing out, cause if prepared correctly, it's the best pork I've ever had, and the wife totally appreciates it.

Anyhow, both families, hers and mine, it's tradition to have sauerkraut for dinner together each year on New Years Day. and the wife is not a fan of sauerkraut.

This year, we decided to stay home, and she asked me early this morning what I wanted for dinner, I was quite truthful with her, not really expecting to get what I wanted, and while telling her why, I went into full sob-story mode as to why I want it and lo and behold. she made the meal and I got the call four hours later after she began to first prepare the meal without me knowing 😅


Porkchops & homemade gravy
Mash potatoes
Homemade baked dinner bread
Hot fresh apple sauce

Let me tell you, the gravy was off the chart! Everything was mmm, mmm good! Absolutely fantastic and totally hit the spot!

Anyway, I finally have a meal to share on here, that I did not prepare, however I completely enjoyed every fuggin bit of it, well, just about every bit anyways 😂

Our two eldest dogs that are over 18yrs. old. Chipper and Bear got some too 🥰

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