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What's good TOO?


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Huron County, OH
Convinced my dad that I needed a compact tractor around my house for a few weeks. This is such a handy tool that's already saved my back and helped me get a few things done I couldn't pull off without some extra HP. And the girls love having it around too!

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Absolutely! I'm renting a 11k lb mini excavator next Sat-Mon....always fun to play!


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Kingston, OH
My brother sends these vids of him pickin from time to time. Tonite hit me a little harder for some reason. One, he had to clean shave (healthcare) for the first time in a few years and he looks like my dads twin. Two, when I hear him pick it immediately takes me back to a simpler life as teenagers busting each other’s balls in our bedroom’s growing up... he’s no Hank jr but he can make his ol Martin sound real nice. Hope y’all enjoy



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Davie County, NC
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Oven died awhile back. Did without for a while because the hole-in-the-wall was not the right size for modern ovens...
Took a deep breath yesterday, cut the wall out for a new oven. It's pretty awesome compared to what I had.
What was the size difference, Rick. We’ll be doing the same for a microwave here shortly...


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Licking Co. Ohio
What was the size difference, Rick. We’ll be doing the same for a microwave here shortly...
My old oven was classified a 22". A 24 would fit the existing hole. We wanted a 27 so it could also be self-cleaning. Measure the hole and the microwave 3 times at least.... JMO. Sure saves space. Most of the newer wall ovens (Mic also) have cooling fans on them as well.
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