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What's good TOO?


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Huron County, OH
Insulation guys missed a couple inside walls I noticed when checking on the pour this AM. They get to come back as drywall starts this week, so I might as well leverage the base cost and do a few more to make it worth their time lol. Thanks gents.

Caught one missing rebar tie in the garage too this AM, critical one to for outside wall to inside bars. Guy jumped right on it. Thanks gents.

Keep this good vibes, thoughts and prayers coming guys. They are very much appreciated!


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Fix'n sumth'n good for a fellow TOOzer ...



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NW Ohio
Great post Adam. Not sure how I missed this. I normally try to read the TOO good thread.

My son was seated in class by someone who ended up Covid positive. Today was his last day of quarantine. Along with a whole bunch of other kids. Tomorrow he returns to school. TOO Good. Also good: He never showed any symptoms and didn't drag it home to us. lol


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Nw oh
Kind of a post could go good thread or dump But I try to see good in everything. I have torn off a lean too from my existing garage, make a new home for the chit that was under it, and move 3to 4 months worth of wood. Had batter boards up with lines run for a foundation for a new home. Excavator was going to come tonight. I talked to him last night and we mutually cancelled until March. I'll be doing all the work beyond digging and concerned about freezing and thawing to a nearly exposed footer on the crawl space side all winter (all masonry home). I want to do stuff 100 %. Mid November last year 3 days we sat at 25 for a high. I'm not risking it. So gotta wait. But rut is here so it's on!!!!so that's good at least....


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Somewhere OHIO
First and foremost, my apology for not being around much lately and not being able to play the IKS game.

Had the end of the season with my 2nd job since July just over a week ago and started the 3rd job of the year a week ago. I got a fast paced training and before I could even start my normal duties and shift covid hit the trainers mom. She is doing good and since he lives in the same house and shares the same bathroom he was told to take 2 weeks off as a precaution. I wasn't trained for his job duties but here I am doing it for the next week and a half. Needless to say I have been busier than hell trying to keep a payday coming home and busting my ass. Work finds me walking an average of 6 miles a day. It sucks but the good part is that it's a paycheck. Could be worse so that's why this is in this thread.

Bare with me just a little longer fellas and it should settle down and I can jump back in here like I use to.