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What's good TOO?


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Licking Co. Ohio
Glenna had a flower planter that was getting pretty bad. Rust set in and it was nearly trash. When I put the wire wheel to the planter part it folded quickly as it was rusted clear through... I nearly threw it away but I knew this tractor meant something to her and I thought let's see what I can do do...
After getting all the rust off of it, the base coat came from a spray can... but the rest was all free hand. I'm not as steady as I once was but compared to throwing it away this thing turned out pretty good.
(Sorry, pics sorta suck)


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Sgt Fury

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I’ve been looking to get a beach cart for when I go surf fishing at the beaches…sometimes it’s a long walk and two or more trips are required to get everything from the truck. They are pricey and also hard to find. Every one that looks good is sold out. Bought this garden cart for under $100 and slapped some pvc in for rod holders. Added a cooler and chair…BAM! Saved some dough and am now sitting at my bar enjoying a cold one!👍


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S.W. Ohio
Normally dont turn on Pandora at my desk on Thursdays, but today is my Friday, so fuck it, why not. Turn on Joe Bonamassa radio and hit play. Well a note shows up at the bottom that he will be in Cincy at the Taft on Oct 31st at 8, buy tickets. Ok, so I go to Ticketmaster only to find out that its a presale and you need a passcode to get in on the sale early. Just then a guy I work with walks up and I was telling him about it, hes also a fan. Well he had a passcode that he got in an email this morning. PERFECT. So I got 2 tickets, in Box K, first row of the balcony. OUTFUCKINGSTANDING!!!
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