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What's good TOO?


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Licking Co. Ohio

Pulled Pork, baked beans and slaw...
Zanesville @ Seacrest Auditorium...
Eagles Tribute Band...TOO GOOD!

brock ratcliff

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This is my dad. Mom sent this picture just a short while ago. They enjoyed the day fishing in Rocky Fork. This is TOO good simply because they have not been able to go in over a year. Having battled Covid last June/July and never really recovering until Mom had a trip bypass a few months back, they hardly left the house. I can’t tell you what a benchmark this is for them. My mother likes to fish as much as anyone I’ve ever known. She had been just too sick. Great to see them back in the lake. FWIW, she said they would be having perch for dinner.


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NW Ohio
Garrett wanted to ride his dirt bike. His buddy, Johnnie, rode a TW200 over and Garrett was ready to go. So we dug out the DRZ125. His last riding was actually on a PW80 he outgrew. Then lost interest in them. Now he is actually too big for the DRZ. Oh well. They got to wheel around the field. And now I'm getting my Dad's old XR250 ready for him. Going to be a chore. Been sitting a loooong time. Awaiting air filter, a chain guide which fell apart when I backed it out of the barn, and a good carb cleaning. Bittersweet working on Dad's last bike. I'll attach a pic of him riding it one of the last times it was in service. (Needed a carb cleaning then as well but dad was swearing by his Seafoam fix.)



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In a bar
My BFF and best wife a feller could ever ask for and I are celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary today. It’s been a great ride and hoping we have many more ahead God willing.👍🏻🙏

It was 17 for us. Looking forward to her and the kids return tonight. My birthday and our anniversary trip had a hiccup, but we have made it through much worse.


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Awesome Day Today! Got called out to assemble the goal posts at Ohio Stadium. Pretty neat taking your crane in and on to the main floor. #GOBUCKS!
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Ohio Stadium is one of the most recognizable landmarks in all of sports. Built in 1922 at a cost of $1.3 million and refurbished in 2001 for slightly more than $194 million, the horseshoe-shaped stadium is a monument to college football. As part of the renovation, the once portable South Stands became a permanent fixture.

With its present seating capacity of 102,780, Ohio Stadium is the fourth largest on-campus facility in the nation. Since the opening game against Ohio Wesleyan on Oct. 7, 1922, more than 36 million fans have streamed through the stadium’s portals.

Attending games in Ohio Stadium has become a Saturday afternoon ritual for Ohio State fans, who flock to the parking lots early to enjoy the gala atmosphere and pageantry that surrounds each and every game.

From 1951 to 1973, the Buckeyes led the nation in attendance 21 times, including the 14 consecutive years from 1958 to 1971. Since 1949, Ohio State has never been lower than fourth nationally in average home attendance. Unique in its double-deck horseshoe design, Ohio Stadium is both intimate and intimidating. The closeness of the seating provides a definite home-field advantage for the Buckeyes, at the same time allowing fans to view the game from unobstructed vantage points.

Read more: https://ohiostatebuckeyes.com/sports/m-footbl/facilities/ohio-stadium/

Pretty fuggin cool! (y)