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What's good TOO?

Awesome!! We did 4H growing up, never entered our critters tho as originally intended. Mom had a bit to do with that. It’s all good tho as we still entered plenty of other categories. Your daughter will learn so much from the experience and certainly has the knack for it already Jesse.
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My 10yo daughter with her heifer is ready for the Ashland county fair I'd say.


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North Carolina
Went up too Ohio last Tuesday. Wednesday had breakfast with my brother then pulled a couple stands from a farm I’m not planning on hunting this year. Thursday did some stand swapping around. Did my buddies stands on a farm we both hunt. Then did a farm I plan on hunt. then moved a couple cameras. Friday headed too Erie Pa too fish Presque Isle. Lots of logistics that got fubar’d and had too regroup. Hung out with some buddies and had a few (dozen) beers 👍🏼. #fackbooking.com! Fished for 10 hours Saturday and Sunday for 6 hours then headed back too my daughter and SIL‘s place. Hung around the campfire that evening with them and then hit the road this morning for NC. Got home, unpacked and put away. Had a powwow with a contractor superintendent about our driveway, hopefully they’ll do what I requested. Have so far so fingers crossed that continues.
Got the grass cut, and now enjoying a beer and a stogie…. Need a little break, and will unwind tomorrow…. Hopefully 😂