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What's good TOO?


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NW Ohio
Good stuff. The obligatory sibling hug picture looks uncomfortable. It made me laugh. My kids get along but would look about the same in a pic like that. 🤣
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Licking Co. Ohio
When you get all your bottles topped off for Winter and didn't blow up the fuggin house! 🤣🤣🤣


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A friend of mine sent me a pic of a huge six pointer. I told him that was the biggest six point I’ve ever seen. He went on with the conversation and never let on that he was joking. His future son in law just sent me some real pics of a huge 8 he’s after this season….when I asked him about the 6 point, he laughed and told me that it was off of Facebook and that he was f’ing with me. And so it begins…imma send him a pic of a different huge buck every day from now until late 2024!

Here’s the first pic of many more to come…..


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As a 3 sport athlete, 4H wasn't a part of my upbringing. But my wife and her sister are 3rd generation 4H'rs and my sister was one, and is a current advisor. This is Kaydence's first year with market animals and it went pretty well. We picked chickens as our entry point since they're cheap, easy, and my sister-in-law was a multiple time Grand and Reserve Champion, so we knew we could shortcut the learning curve. Yesterday was the pay off and it went great all things considered. She didn't do all that great in showmanship, but won one of her market classes and finished 3rd in the other. She placed in the Top-10 out of 50+ pens with her class winner. She sells on Tuesday and if old dad has anything to contribute, it's bringing the buyers. I overlaid my client list with past buyers and sent her letter via email, so she should bring in the cash on Tuesday 😂


Kaydence Roush - 2022 Buyers Letter1024_1.png