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What's good TOO?

Thanks @finelyshedded! Still waiting to get him back from the taxidermist. My taxi got Covid bad last year and he is now way behind. Hoping to have him back in the next month! 🤞
With all the crap in the world today and the everyday stresses of life, this podcast has been a breath of fresh air for us. It’s made us laugh and focus on the positives in our lives. We are hoping it can bring some joy and humor to everyone else as well. Stay tuned for episode 3 “The worlds cutest sheep” lol.

Sgt Fury

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Did the pond clean out yesterday….water is crystal clear! Gonna hook up the small pool filter tomorrow so that it’ll filter out the small particles.

Sgt Fury

Sgt. Spellchecker
Today I took a buddy and his son trout fishing. My buddy doesn’t fish and said his kid has a keen interest in the outdoors. After an hour and a half, we weren’t having any luck so I decided to move. It took us another couple of hours but my friends son caught his limit. After he caught his first one, I said “well, that’s your first rainbow trout”. He replied “that’s my first fish ever”. Seeing the joy on his face while reeling in the fish was awesome and I’d dare to say I had as much of not more fun than him. He learned how to put bait on the hook, cast, how to set the hook and how to remove the hook. My friend told me that his son would be talking about today for a long time. I told him that whenever he wanted me to tag along again, just give me a ring. When we were leaving, a game warden showed up and said he saw the last trout being reeled in. He then said that he had the “high hook” on the lake as he only saw one other trout caught the entire time he was there. A few anglers that were there came over to congratulate him. It was an awesome day!


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Life's good today.

Family is healthy
Weather is beautiful
Both boats and the Excursion are running fine
Yard work is done
Garden is coming along
Happy at work
The pool is open and 85 degrees
Made the first run out to the island this season and hooked a few fish

Dont get many spells like this where I can breathe a minute and appreciate how fortunate we are.