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What's your favorite "bang flop" coyote caliber?


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Crawford county
Last year I picked up a Remington 700 in .270 winchester from a guy at work. I've been hitting 4 inch targets at 200 yards consistently with hand loaded 130 grain hornady interlocks. Haven't had a chance to point it at a yote yet, but when I do, pretty sure that dog is done.


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Shermans Dale, PA
I'm thinking about 200+ yards.
I shot a light colored coyote (male), last Thursday and he was just beyond the 200 yard mark. I was using my Super 17 or 17WSM with a 20gr. bullet @ 3000 f.p.s. The bullet hit him a little forward and ended up breaking his shoulder. I heard him "yip" and run off.
On Friday, he was out again...carrying his right leg and chasing a dark colored coyote (female). He was chasing her across an open soy bean field, on 3 legs and trying he level best to breed her. The were both about 250ish yards, when she laid down to keep him from breeding her and he sat down with his back to me. I set my 200 yard mil dot on the base of his neck, thinking the bullet would drop into his back (heart/lungs) and squeezed off the shot. I heard the bullet smack him as he jumped straight up in the air. They ran out of sight into some weeds.

I've not seen either coyote, since. :smiley_chinrub: This rifle is very accurate, but does not have enough power to kill coyotes at that distance. I've shot plenty of groundhogs inside 200 yards and killed them all.

I'm leaning toward a .243 or larger caliber, but I appreciate your suggestions. :smiley_bril:
I have a 17 WSM. I use the 25 grain bullets vise the 20. They extra weight is supposed to be better for coyotes. I don't have much expectation of recovering one with shots past 100 yards though. If it weren't for the fact that Letterkenny Army Depot only allows rimfire I would be using my AK. PA just legalized semi autos for just about everything except deer so that'll be my private and game lands weapon. BSA makes a scope specifically for the BMAG round. Its cheap and works great. It has a BDC recital for both 20 and 25 grain round as well as a turret. I have found that the turret is OK up to 200, but at 300 you need to use the 400 to 450 dial.

I haven't shot one yet with it. I'm new to varmint hunting so I'm still cutting my teeth and making rookie mistakes. I have had coyotes come in and start barking, but so far only foxes have come to my calling (of course when the season is closed too).

So far I've killed ground hogs and gophers in CO with it. The gophers literally exploded.... LOL