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What's your longest stretch?


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A few years back I went on a 13 animal stretch without a miss or a loss with my bow. I had shot a small 8 point, and a doe here in Ohio. Made it to Texas in February and shot 5 hogs. Summer off and then I shot another small buck here along with a doe. Back to Texas in March the next year and shot 4 hogs there. I thought I would never miss again. That was until the following bow season came in, and I missed two deer in a row. Go figure, and snap back to reality!
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I'm not sayin on deer. Karma is a ugly whore. The only miss that haunts me was a coal black almost blue sheen yote at 5 yards from the tree.. The only time he stopped was behind a small bit of twigs.. Hit one. He lived on.


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Seems I always have a good streak of doe kills, but if you factor in any bucks at all, that streak ends real quick. I seem to have a problem with saplings and big bucks...


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If you count my jacket collar FUBAR, a week ago tomorrow for misses. Knock on wood, I have never whiffed at an animal except for this time and the bow went off before I was really even shooting. I don't consider it a miss, but a screw up. But some might differ.

As for losing deer, I've only lost one and that was back in 2001 during my first full season of bowhunting and was a tracking error. I'm knocking on wood that this trend continues for as long as possible!