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Wheelin Sportsman 2011 event video


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Super Mod
Somewhere OHIO
Very nice fellas.

Glad you guys got some footage and was able to share with the rest of us so we could see what it's all about.


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Super Mod
Hudson, OH
Really nice video of an amazing event Wayne. Hats off to all who assist in making that event a reality each year.


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Central Ohio
Really, really cool stuff guys!!! Hats off to everybody involved with putting an event like that together. :smiley_clap:


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Dale / Wayne ---- F@FD,

I cannot tell you how much this means to our group, its hunters and the sponsors that are involved. You guys have provided yet another feather to add to our caps. It's amazing what we have accomplished together and hope that we can continue this for many years to come. GREAT WORK on the footage ... THANK YOU SO MUCH! This event is just something that you walk away from feeling totally humbled by. The situations that have placed these people with their disabilities places a new emphasis on what's really important in life .... hug your family, help people and do good toward others and the impact it has on your own life is truly amazing.



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Massillon, Ohio
Ray, Randy,

You guys do an amazing job up there. You can tell by the way things are ran that you guys put in alot of work. I am excited to be a part of this next year. Can't wait!