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When do you notice antler growth stops?


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N.E. O-H-I-O
Based on my observations from running trail cameras for a few years, in my areas antler growth seems to stop in early to mid-August. Aroung that time the antlers seem to lose their light bulb ends and start to get pointy. After that they seem to harden up for a few weeks before the velvet sheds. I know it depends as well on factors such as age, genetics, health, location, etc. What have you observed?


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Massillon, Ohio
Yea, I was thinking they are about done growing, and should start to see SOME shedding. but I bet there is still bucks growing, I mean how else would you explain guys shooting bucks in Sept. in full vlelvet?


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NW Ohio
Sorry Boone. Couldn't resist. I think many are wrapping it up. I think it varies regionally, genetically, and probably some other factors. Just like some deer shed antlers earlier, I think the growth starts/stops differently.


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North Central Ohio
They should be almost done growing. Maybe a little more fine tuning into tips instead of bulbs but pretty much done. I think most start shedding the first week of Sept. and be done by mid Sept.
of course you will have a few that are earlier and some that are later.