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When you see a coyote from your treestand...

I have one area that I hunt that's in a creek bottom and every time that I see or hear a coyote in that area, there are no deer to be found. There are other days that the deer are there, but those are the days without coyotes.

When you see a coyote from your treestand, do you ever see deer in the same "sitting" or hunt?

Thank you, Bowhunter57

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
57, A few weeks ago I had two 1.5 year old bucks come through in the same 15 minutes as a pair of coyotes, didn't seem to bother them much but i'm not sure if the deer even knew that the yotes were in the area.

The evening in early season that I shot my yote this year, I didn't see a single deer pretty much that whole week, but there was a pack of 6 running together, so that would definately have the deer a little nervous.


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I see deer and coyotes on the same sit quite often...One farm I hunt there have been a couple times this yr when at dark there would be 8 or 10 yotes start sounding off...I saw deer6-12 deer both this nights


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I think yotes have some affect on deer but...If your ass is in the stand you can be the judge of how much it affects you personally. Hunt hard and it will all work out!!!