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Where my girl dads at?!?

Congratulations! I’ve enjoyed reading the adventures you get into with your girls. I feel like my situation is very close to yours. Paying for my sins now with two beautiful little girls. My wife is getting baby fever again. Lol at least when I have my third daughter we can set up a pretty good support group. Here’s a picture of the girls enjoying the snow with me this past weekend.


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I’m torn… not sure whether I should say “congratulations” or “thoughts and prayers.” 😂

Seriously though, you’re a phenomenal dad. And, while right now this may seem like a dose of karma, I’m sure there’s a greater plan and there’s a very good reason you’ve been blessed with 3 beautiful girls.

I still say you should keep trying though. It’s like playing roulette… if it’s red 3 times in a row, surely your odds of hitting black on the 4th try are much higher. 😉😂