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Where my girl dads at?!?

Big H

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Congratulations Jesse and Tracie!!! As my dad told me when we had the third girl, "you need to quit sticking it in so far and blowing the balls off them"
I told him that I couldn't help it. LOL

It is crazy how each one of my girls are so different in many ways, but alike in many others, they all get along pretty well for the most part now that they are older. 26, 24 and 21 year old girls here. BTW the youngest is the one you will need to watch out for according to my experience.
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I know the feeling, my middle is my daughter and it's completely different than with my boys.


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Indians used too send the woman off and go out on her own when she got her period, she would usually cohabitate with other menstruating women.
Looks like you’ll be the one leaving, Jesse 😂😂😂
I'm super fortunate to have lots of hobbies, a great man cave, a barn, 11 acres at the house and 80 acres 15 minutes away! If you need me, I'll be downstairs or outside! 😂


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Grove City
Congrats, Jesse. We've got one that just turned 21 and is almost through with her undergrad in speech pathology. Seems like yesterday I was throwing her in the pool, only to have her swim right back and squeal "Again again!!" Man the time flies.
Terry and I wish we had at least one more kid but man I don't know about another daughter. That first one (Jenna) made me old a grey so damn quick. Boys hanging around will bout give you a heart attack as you know what is on their mind and you know they won't ever understand a dad's love for their daughter(s). Had we had more it would have definitely changed the dynamics on how the kids were raised I think and all the extra things they were able to do such as travel sports. I wouldn't change a thing with Jenna though, she loves the outdoors and has a great head on her shoulders. Guess that is all that matters to me, she will be just fine in her future.
As they get older, if you ever want a hot shower again in your life, put in 2 fifty gallon hot water tanks or a continuous system and a 10 minute timer. This is a support group so trust me on this!

Next, get a camp. Once they all are cycling, they will cycle together and you will experience "hell week" once a month. You go from work to camp and from camp to work every day that week till it's all clear again.

Expect all weddings and births to occur during opening week of whatever seasons you wait all year for. Prepare now!
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