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where'd he come from?


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Somewhere OHIO
I told ya LMAO..All you had to do is spin that cam around lol. I knew they had some good ones still running out there :D..Your Welcome buddy lol.

Heck of a nice looking 10 there my friend.


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Crawford county
wanted to make sure the picture poted before I finish my story.

I decided to pull my cams today since both are on the same property and I am not sure how many squirrel hunters to expect on this spot. I didnt want them to be found. I got home and put them in my digital camera and saw doe after doe after fawn. Afew pics of the small 6 point from last week and then i spotted this guy.

Not sure how to score a buck (kinda new at this) but I'm gonna guess any way...

I'm guessing 3 1/2 year old.
I say that because his back hasnt started to sag but his belly has. he also still has an angular face but it is starting to get a little "blocky"

After paying attention to various "score this buck" threads and getting the idea about mass and points I'm guessing somewhere in the mid 140's

I'm just hoping to see him during the season. I am hoping to put my first buck on the ground this year, and I told redcloud that a six or better would do, I think this pic just saved that little six pointers life, if I see him, I know there is a better one around.


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SW Ohio
Solid looking deer Dante. Prolly is a 3.5 but I agree with RC on the score due to his tine length is alittle on the short side. Still a great deer and would be an excellent goal for you this season. Goodluck with him.